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Our team specializes in meeting the needs of successful families and top-of-their-field professionals who aspire to a work-optional lifestyle and have the desire to secure a family investment legacy.

Peter Petruso

Managing Partner, Financial Advisor


Pete has a rich professional journey that began in insurance services back in 1975. His focus shifted to financial planning and investment management in 1994. His expertise lies in working with retirees and pre-retirees, where he emphasizes the importance of the "big picture" by highlighting the correlations between wealth management and long-term tax planning. Pete and his wife, Joan, are proud parents of three children (Lori, Greg, and Jamie) and seven grandchildren (Maren, RJ, Sam, Roman, Jack, Henry, and Benny). They cherish the leisure time they spend together as a family, traveling abroad, supporting their grandchildren in sporting events, golfing, and enjoying their winter home in Florida.

Lori Petruso Sobin

Partner, Financial Advisor

Lori joined Petruso Financial in October 2006. She plays a crucial role in the office, handling everything from client meetings to administrative tasks. Her primary goal is to ensure that our clients are well informed and fully understand their choices when developing a retirement or financial plan. Lori and her husband, Rich, cherish their time with their daughter, Maren, son, Sam, and beloved dogs, Sadie and Blue. They are renovating an old lake cottage while managing their children's busy extracurricular and sports schedules. In her free time, Lori enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, practicing yoga, and giving back to the Erie community by serving on the Fairview School District Board of Directors, Hamot Incorporators, and the Erie Women's Fund. 

He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any how.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Our Other Professional Resources

As needed, we take a collaborative approach with other relevant professionals. This additional expertise is part of our process to help you pursue your wealth and lifestyle goals.

Our Strategic Partners Include:

  • Tax Specialist (Individual, Business and Estate)

  • Real Estate Professional (Commercial and Residential)

  • Business Advisor

  • Employee Benefit Specialist

  • Elder Law Attorney

  • Estate Planner

  • Medicaid Expert

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