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Family: Your Number One<br/>

Family: Your Number One

Whether it is getting the last child through college or recognizing that you’ve “arrived” and need to discuss family legacy and succession, family is always the driving force and #1 on the why list on your financial journey.

Occupation: Your Work - Your Choice<br/>

Occupation: Your Work - Your Choice

Some of our clients have their retirement date written on the calendar and all efforts are working towards that goal. Some clients are already retired, so preserving lifestyle and mitigating risk are paramount. Still other clients tell us they’re not interested in retiring not interested in retiring from their “purpose in life” and so strive to achieve a “work optional lifestyle." Whatever your choice, we never lose sight of getting you there. This is #2 on your why list.

Recreation: Your Bucket List<br/>

Recreation: Your Bucket List

When all things and all people have been taken care of and your journey has been successful, we talk about you bucket list: The things you’ve been putting off until now. This is #3 on your why list! It’s time to enjoy the spoils of a journey and life well lived.

Money: How We Get There

Money: How We Get There

Money is certainly what we do at our firm and we take it very seriously. We are deeply committed to our clients around all things financial. What we understand and communicate to our clients is that money is never more than the vehicle or the how

We want to focus on the why above the how because that’s what matters most in your individual journey to financial independence.

Start Your Journey Today&#160;

Start Your Journey Today 

Our team is excited to serve you as you start or continue your journey. Our first conversation is to familiarize you with our proprietary process, The Focus FORMula, where the important pieces of your individual journey live. As your life unfolds and your needs evolve, it is our Process that ensures the pieces of your puzzle remain in place and relevant.

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