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Fascinating Financial Facts | October 2022

Fascinating Financial Facts | October 2022

October 10, 2022

October 2022

While the Netflix stock surged over 30% in the third quarter, AMC's stock fell over 45%.  (Yahoo! Finance)

Stocks don't measure everything, but this seems to be further proof that the world likes streaming. Watching a movie in the comfort of your own home can be very nice, much to the dismay of movie theaters. Companies offering direct-to-stream is becoming more common, and theater-only releases don't last in theaters as long as they used to, which only makes the fight tougher for theaters.

At least 50% of employees are "Quiet Quitters."  (Gallup)

"Quiet quitting" has been a buzz word in the workforce for several months now, and Gallup put a number on it. The term is usually defined as "not going above and beyond at work" or meeting their job descriptions, but not doing extra. These employees tout better health and a stronger focus on a healthy work/life balance. Looks like the "grind" mentality is out, especially for younger workers. Are you a business owner? One way to keep your employees engaged is to have weekly 1:1 manager and employee conversations. 

Retailer H&M is going to test out charging customers for returns.  (CNN Business)

Returns aren't really fun for anyone, but retailers struggle with them for more reasons than profit loss. Customers making returns also causes an overstocked inventory. H&M testing a return fee could be an industry game changer, could result in a 'refund but keep it' policy, or could just result in fewer impulse purchases. With external economic and financial stress coming in, retailers agree it's time to test new tactics & strategies.